Consultancy Services

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Workshops & Webinars

Workshops & webinars provide an excellent opportunity for teams and individuals to learn. Evidence-based learning takes place and opportunities for discussion are built into each session to allow attendees a chance to explore topics in more depth.

Due to recent restrictions, workshops have been presented to advertising agencies, web developers, educators, school leaders and CEO’s online. With restrictions being lifted, in person, face-to-face events are back.


The way we work is continuously shifting, making it difficult to identify development needs of employees. A ‘Needs Analysis’ is a way of exploring the Why, How, and What, of adult learning and organisational change.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods are adopted as the basis for this developmental work. This package helps you gain a better understanding of your staff, your organisational challenges, and a practical approach to updating and developing your policies.

Supporting Educators

Teachers and leaders benefit from a combination of Coaching & Mentoring. Larger schools and those who are part of Multi-Academy Trusts are able to provide in-house provision. Small educational establishments do not always have the luxury of doing so. This package of support includes lesson observations with immediate feedback, 1-2-1 coaching sessions, and a full report with recommendations for professional development where required.

Bespoke Consultancy

Do you need help with a specific challenge, or want to combine elements of these packages? Get in touch to discuss how I can create a personalised package…