Imagine having a space to unwind your mind…

I’m here to help you filter, sort and organise your thoughts. Coaching provides a regular opportunity to discuss matters of importance and any concerns you may have. It is a confidential space for exploration, reflection and development.

Leadership Coaching

I coach leaders to reflect on and process their ideas to better inform strategies and move practice forward. I also coach new leaders making the transition into senior roles, working to develop their presence and influence in organisations.

Approaches and tools used in coaching will vary between clients, but the aim is to unlock your potential to help others, and bring about a positive change.

  • Coaching enables you to grow and learn skills that you can apply to different situations in the future. 
  • Coaching helps you really understand your leadership style, know your skills and how to look after your people.
  • Coaching helps you explore and understand your strengths; What are you good at? How can you use this strength to do more for yourself and your business?

So, are you always working IN your business? Think about having time to work ON yourself and ON your business.

Coaching starts with an initial meeting to understand your needs and determine whether we are a good fit (some people call it a chemistry call). This is followed by a contracting meeting where we learn more about each other, discuss logistics such as the general structure of sessions, and decide on the timing and frequency of subsequent sessions. Click here to book a coaching conversation.