Education Consultant & Coach

Sharon has worked with schools at different stages of their improvement journey as a Specialist Leader of Education, Lead Practitioner, Head of Mathematics and now as an Education Consultant and Coach.

Strategic support includes analysis of current and historical data to identify strengths and deficits in teaching skills.  These data analyses support quality assurance of curriculum content.  Sharon also conducts classroom observations, and provides feedback on lessons to model how this can be done: this service is usually requested for middle leaders new to their role. 

Sharon provides coaching and mentoring to help educators develop their practice, reflect on their role, and support leaders dealing with change.  As a consultant, Sharon has extensive experience of entering unfamiliar organisations and working with clients from different backgrounds.   Consequently, she has honed the skill of quickly building rapport with clients.  Through open communication, active listening and questioning, Sharon helps clients identify and set realistic targets to achieve their goals.